Recent Videos From the Glaze of Cathexis

Here are a few psychedelic clips for your wandering eye from Glaze of Cathexis’ recent psychedelic rock releases.


Glaze of Cathexis – 2015 – The Amorphous Infinity

The best psychedelic rock album we’ve sent out into the world so far.  The past few albums have revelled in full-on 60’s psychedelia, and that’s not forgotten, but with this album, you’ll hear a modernized, shoegazed, Sonic Youth-thunking conceptual cycle about the search for, and reclamation of the human soul in the grinding gears of modern society.  It’s prog rock lyrics set to compact, catchy ditties brimming with far out drums and wires.  Jazzmasters, Casinos, Les Pauls, Strats, and bizarre Fernandes concoctions all sent into the slipstream for vistas of guitar noise.  Take a tour of the title track, Labyrinthian Alchemy, and Cadmium Glow for the quick fly-by.  Have a listen at Soundcloud, buy the thing for a paltry $2 at Bandcamp (with a vinyl option likely coming soon).  The Glaze may be delusional, but they are confident musical shamen looking for a way to reclaim the soul!

Glaze of Cathexis – 2015 – Desolation Spirituals EP

Glaze of Cathexis treads through a path of psychedelic rock, shoegaze, and folk-rock on our new, free EP, Desolation Spirituals.  This is a warm-up and a bit of a preview for the Amorphous Infinity LP showing up at the end of July.  Join us for the left-turn Jazzmaster jangle of the title track, the cosmic American of “Silver Lad,” the garage rock stomp of “The Kashmir Effect,”  and the slightly tongue-in-cheek hippy freak out of “All Free.”

You can dig it over at Bandcamp:


Glaze of Cathexis – 2015 – Trade Wind Navigators

tradefrontMoving straight along to our second release, a psychedelic rock opus from long-term underground stalwarts, Glaze of Cathexis.  The tunes careen through echoes of the Beatles, My Bloody Valentine, Sonic Youth, and a host of 80’s indie rock acts.  Sharp songwriting, shamanistic lyrics, and piercing guitar parts abound.  During the writing and recording of this LP, the band members were slogging through the wilderness of uncertainty, culture clashes, and corporate skullduggery, but the results still aim at a spiritual high and a release from the darker corners of our temporal existence.  The mono mix is free, while we would dig a bit of your bling for the stereo mix.  Honestly speaking, some tracks sound better in both of the formats.

You can delve into the sound of the Glaze over at their bandcamp page:

Or have yourself a listen in the here and now:

The Roving Sage and Shinano Express – 2015 – Plays “Jubilant Illuminations” and Other Tunes

rovingsagefrontThe official release date is for February 24th, but here at Roving Sage Records, we believe that the time is NOW, and we’d like to share our debut release with you a touch early.

The  Roving  Sage and  Shinano  Express is a  sacred  union  of  freewheeling  fusion  and  ethereal  cosmic-shamanic spoken  word.  It’s  sort  of  like  an  Aussie  Gil-Scott  Heron  or  Jim  Morrison  stumbling  in  from  his  grave  for  a  few more utterances.
Our primary goal is simply to share our vibrations, so the basic release is free.  We do live in the real world, though, and could use your support.  For a few bucks, you’ll get bonus tracks which include instrumental takes of most of the spoken word tracks.  Dig us.
Listen to a few sounds here:

Greetings From Roving Sage Records

Greetings citizens of Earth,

We are Roving Sage Records, a label based in Nagano, Japan among a group of international ex-pats committed to broadcasting enlightenment music around the globe.  We believe in the spiritual resonance of quality music, and wish to provide the sounds that fuel your soul.  In February look for our inaugural releases – a spoken word tome backed by primal rock-jazz instrumentals by the Roving Sage himself, as well as a psychedelic rock n’ roll platter, “Trade Wind Navigators,” from the long-running Glaze of Cathexis.  The next few months will bring electronic and world sounds from bassist Adrian Bailey and Astral Soothsayer.  Dig a few preview vibes below: